What gives the new operating system for computers iPad?

What gives the new operating system for computers iPad?

 In conjunction with unveiling its latest operating system for iPhone phones, Apple revealed the specifications of the new IPadOS 15 system that it developed for iPad tablets.

According to experts at Apple, IPadOS 15 shares with iOS 15 several new points and technologies for FaceTime services, including improved external noise isolation during calls, and the SharePlay feature that helps users exchange files during calls.

This system also got a "portrait mode" feature that blurs the background in the photo of the caller on FaceTime so that the focus is on the image of his face only, which will make the application more practical for official and business calls.

IPadOS 15 also provided the iPad with many additional features, such as the “Picture in Picture” feature to enable the user to use more than one application or browse more than one website at the same time, and added to these devices also additional features that help customize notifications to appear to the user at different times of the day. To help him increase focus while working.

With this version of the system, users can attach the group photos in photo clips to music from Apple Music, and these clips include new effects, and with this version, Spotlight search capabilities have been improved on iPads, new features have been added to iMessage services, and computer interfaces have gained new features. To display larger and clearer icons and the ability to place display windows that include applications and shortcuts that are of interest to users.