Tanzania´s death toll rises to 151

Tanzania´s death toll rises to 151

Nairobi _ Agencies

The result of the sinking of the ferry ("Umm in Nyerere ") Thursday in the south of Lake Victoria, Tanzania, rose to 151 on Saturday, on the third day of searches, state television reported.

Television reported that  "The operations resumed early this morning." On Friday evening, 131 people were killed while 40 passengers survived.

The ferry, which was carrying a larger load of energy on Thursday afternoon, sank dozens of meters from its final destination on the island of Okara.

Several witnesses told AFP by telephone that when approaching the island, passengers rushed to the front of the ferry in preparation for their balance and led to a coup d´état.

Drowning incidents in the Great Lakes region are often attributed to the aging and overcrowding of ships, while the toll is high because many passengers do not know how to swim and there is not enough life jackets.

Tanzanian President John Magovoli, who accused the finger of "negligence", ordered Friday to stop "all the employees in the management of the ferry" and vowed to "punish all officials."

While the ferry´s capacity is about 100 passengers, witnesses told AFP that twice that number was on board, but the authorities did not confirm it.