Spanish actor Gabriel Guevara accused of sexual assault was arrested in Venice

Spanish actor Gabriel Guevara accused of sexual assault was arrested in Venice

Italian media reported on Sunday that Spanish actor Gabriel Guevara, known for his role in the movie “My Wall” and the Spanish version of the series “Scam,” was arrested in Venice under an international arrest warrant issued by France on charges of sexual assault.

Gabriel Guevara (22 years old) was scheduled to receive an award given by the Filming Italy Festival in Venice on Sunday for his performance in the movie “My Fall,” which is broadcast on the “Prime Video” platform.

The organizers explained to the Italian news agency ANSA that awarding the award was suspended pending the end of the investigation into the actor.

According to the ANSA agency, the police arrested Gabriel Guevara upon his arrival on Saturday to the island of Lido in Venice, where the 80th session of the Mostra will be held between August 30 and September 9.

An Italian court is expected to issue a ruling in the coming days on whether to extradite Guevara to the French authorities. The exact nature of the doubts surrounding the young actor in France is not known.

The Venice Film Festival explained in a statement that Gabriel Guevara was not invited to participate in its events.

A statement on the X platform (formerly Twitter) said, “In light of the press information that appeared in the last hours on some websites related to the arrest of the Spanish actor Gabriel Guevara in Venice, the Venice Biennale clarifies that (Guevara’s) presence in Venice was not linked to any activity or production.” Within the framework of the festival.