Prisoners Authority: The occupation continues its systematic policy of abusing and abusing children during their detention

Prisoners Authority: The occupation continues its systematic policy of abusing and abusing children during their detention

The Commission for Detainees and Ex-Prisoners Affairs monitored, today, Thursday, in a statement, quoting her lawyer, Heba Igbariya, the details of the abuse and humiliating treatment that two newly arrested children were subjected to and placed in the Cubs section of "Megiddo" prison.

The commission explained what happened with the prisoner Ibrahim Hashash (16 years), from Balata camp, Nablus district, the details of his arrest on 9/5/2022, as the occupation forces deliberately followed a brutal and vengeful method against the boy, and stormed his house after they broke the entrance door, and the soldiers stormed the minor’s room Hashash while he was sleeping, and they searched the house thoroughly and hysterically, and they broke many equipments and wreaked havoc in the house of the prisoner Hashash. Then the door was closed, and the young Hashash entered a state of terror and panic, and then they took him to the military jeep and made many provocative moves against him, such as taking his phone and photographing him while he was tied and blindfolded, mocking and beating him without any regard for his young age.

After that, the occupation soldiers transferred him to the “Hawara” detention center and searched him naked, and then kept him in the cells of “Petah Tikva” for 13 days, with harsh and difficult life conditions, and interrogated him while he was handcuffed and feet tied, at which time the prisoner announced a hunger strike and remained on strike for 4 days. In protest against the grave violations he had been subjected to, he stopped his strike after being transferred to the lions section of Megiddo Prison.

The commission pointed out that the child Ibrahim martyred his father while he was a fetus in his mother´s womb, and since his birth he suffered from a congenital deformity in the large intestine, so his body is very sensitive to many types of food, and he has to choose certain types to eat, and the prisoner describes his pain, saying, "Sometimes in the night hours I see death." From the amount of aches", and he needs special care for his condition.

As for the circumstances of the arrest of the prisoner Jamal Hashash (17 years), from Balata refugee camp, Nablus district, the commission’s report described what happened with the child Hashash, indicating that he was arrested at the “Hawara” military checkpoint on May 16, 2022, and the occupation forces interrogated him at that time while he was He was blindfolded, his hands and feet were tied, and he was arbitrarily assaulted and beaten, and then he was transferred to Petah Tikva cells for 3 days, after which he was transferred to the lions section in Megiddo Prison.

Knowing that the health status of the juvenile child is unstable. Since his birth, he suffers from a congenital deformity in his heart, and there are two holes in his left ventricle, so he feels tired frequently, his heart beats fast and he breathes quickly from any simple effort, and therefore he needs continuous medical care, which he may be deprived of Because of the policy of the occupation prisons administration, which does not care about the conditions of sick prisoners or their treatment.

At the conclusion of its report, the commission indicated that the number of children arrested and detained inside the occupation prisons is currently about 170, and Israel practices many internationally prohibited violations against them, detains them in bad conditions and deprives them of their most basic rights, stressing that interrogation and torture rooms, detention centers and prisons are nothing but a slaughterhouse for children. And places to sow terror and fear in them and destroy their future within the framework of a constant and systematic Israeli policy, aimed at distorting the reality of Palestinian childhood and destroying its future.

The Commission called on the institutions of the international community concerned with children´s rights to exert their efforts to provide protection for Palestinian children, and stressed the need to embrace the children victims of Israeli detention, who were subjected to arrest, detention and ill-treatment.