Mass arrest of Arab leaders inside the occupied territories

Mass arrest of Arab leaders inside the occupied territories

The occupation police launched a mass arrest campaign against Arab leaders inside the occupied territories, in order to prevent a protest they had organized against the aggression on Gaza.

The occupation police arrested the head of the Supreme Follow-up Committee for the Arab People in the Occupied Territories, Muhammad Baraka, from his vehicle in the city of Nazareth, while he was on his way to a protest against the war on Gaza in Nazareth, and took him for interrogation at the police headquarters.

The police arrested the Secretary-General of the Tagammu Party, Youssef Tatour, the head of the Tagammu Party, Sami Abu Shehadeh, the party’s leader, Haneen al-Zoubi, and the former Secretary of the Front, Mansour Dahamsha, from the occupied Palestinian territories, and member of the Supreme Follow-up Committee, Mahmoud Mawasi, from Al-Ain Square in Nazareth.

According to the Adalah Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, “Not 24 hours have passed since the decision of the Israeli Supreme Court, in which it clearly and explicitly ruled that the police have no authority to prevent sweeping demonstrations in Arab society.” And here the police are today, behaving like this.”

The center added: “We see that this is a systematic policy in the field whose goal is to silence and muzzle all criticism, opposition or rejection of Israeli public policy, and shameful suppression of the freedom of demonstration of Palestinian citizens inside and persecution of them. The talk is about illegal arrest, whose goal is to prevent any political activity. “