Jordan´s prime minister vows to continue fighting corruption

Jordan´s prime minister vows to continue fighting corruption

Jordan _ Agencies

Praises Omar al-Razaz vowed to continue fighting corruption, saying during a lecture Sunday at the University of Jordan that  "No one is above the law, no immunity for a corrupt, no closure of any file, including the subject of Walid Kurdi and the file of smoke factories", which runs in judicial and administrative legal process.

Al-Razaz said that the most prominent crises that confronted Jordan were the popular protests, the Syrian refugee crisis, and terrorist acts, noting that  "Jordan ended the crisis on the Syrian border with an absolute diplomatic and security efficiency" and that Jordan  "was right not to open the border, because we didn´t know who was on Border  ".

He explained that bridging the fiscal deficit "needs a programme that includes a reduction in expenditure and increased revenue, and there is no alternative, and that our duty is to reform the tax structural system, and work is currently under way to reconsider previous decisions such as sales tax on some commodities and inputs of some important sectors such as agriculture ", "The problem is not the lack of taxes, but the tax burden and tax evasion."

"Ninety percent of social security subscribers will not be affected by the income tax bill," al-Razaz said, stating that the details of the income tax law will be announced soon and will be publicly debated.