Government media: Gaza is on the verge of famine

Government media: Gaza is on the verge of famine

The government media office in the Gaza Strip warned that the conditions and living conditions of the people of the Gaza Strip in light of the continued aggression and siege threaten the occurrence of famine and the spread of diseases and epidemics.

The office said in a statement today, Monday: “The occurrence of a famine in the Gaza Strip as a result of the acute shortage of food and basic supplies confirms that the international community, led by the United States of America, is plotting a malicious plan aimed at emptying the Gaza Strip and displacing its people to the Arab Republic of Egypt, which is something it rejects.” Our Palestinian people.”

He stressed that “day after day the humanitarian situation is worsening and deteriorating in an unprecedented way, and the situation on the ground is becoming more disastrous and worse than anything the Gaza Strip has experienced before.”

He pointed out that markets and shops are suffering from a drought of basic foodstuffs such as flour, oil, rice, and various types of canned goods, coinciding with the complete cessation of bakery operations, and thus the complete absence of hundreds of types of foodstuffs from the market.

He stressed that in addition to this ongoing suffering suffered by approximately 2.3 million people in the Gaza Strip, the numbers of displaced people from one governorate to another have become very large and beyond the capacity, which has created an increasing demand for basic relief materials that do not exist in the first place, and therefore this warns of Famine and the spread of diseases and epidemics occurred in the governorates of the Gaza Strip.

He pointed out that the difficult humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip has clearly exhausted all hospitals and governmental and non-governmental teams working continuously in the field, in addition to the cold weather and rainfall, which have raised the demand for needs and supplies that help citizens adapt to the climate, rain, and winter.

The government media office in Gaza held the international community and the occupation fully responsible for the deteriorating humanitarian situation and the drying up of foodstuffs from markets and shops in the Gaza Strip, as they agreed to implement a policy of starvation against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

In his statement, he called on the countries of the world, organizations, bodies and international institutions to stand up to their responsibilities and stop the intentional crime of starvation approved by the international community and carried out by the Israeli occupation army against approximately 2.4 million Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip, and to provide basic and food needs and open the crossings to save the Gaza Strip before a new disaster occurs. .

He also called on the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) to play its full role and provide citizens with relief and basic materials and the required supplies immediately, urgently, and without hesitation, in all governorates of the Gaza Strip and not in specific governorates, as that is its assigned duty.

He called on the Arab and Islamic countries to stand up to their responsibilities and open the Rafah crossing permanently and supply the Gaza Strip with food and basic aid before a real humanitarian catastrophe occurs.