Gaza is subjected to genocide: 1,111 martyrs and intense bombing targeting entire neighborhoods

Gaza is subjected to genocide: 1,111 martyrs and intense bombing targeting entire neighborhoods

For the fifth day in a row, the Israeli occupation forces continue to commit massacres in the Gaza Strip.

Several neighborhoods in the Gaza Strip were subjected to major destruction after being bombed randomly, which led to the death of dozens of citizens, the majority of whom were children and women who were safe in their homes.

The occupation forces used phosphorus bombs and high-explosive bombs to target neighborhoods, which led to massive destruction of citizens’ homes and infrastructure.

Warplanes bombed the Karama neighborhood, as well as the Al-Qaizan neighborhood in Khan Yunis, the Tal Al-Hawa neighborhood, the Daraj neighborhood, and other neighborhoods, with hundreds of tons of explosives.

According to the latest statistics, the number of martyrs rose to 1,111 martyrs, and about 5,339 wounded with varying injuries.

According to the Ministry of Health, among the martyrs were 260 children and 230 women, while 10% of the casualties were children.

The occupation's crimes led to massacres against 22 families, and these massacres led to the martyrdom of 150 of their relatives, a large number of whom are still under the rubble.

It indicated that 6 medical personnel were martyred and 15 were injured, while 8 journalists were martyred and 20 were injured.

Israeli warplanes bombed several homes and residential buildings in different areas of the Gaza Strip.

While the resistance continued its bombing of the occupation settlements and cities adjacent to the Gaza Strip with dozens of missiles.

Three citizens, including a woman, were martyred this Wednesday evening, in a bombing by Israeli occupation aircraft on a house in Nuseirat in the central Gaza Strip. The occupation aircraft also renewed its bombing of various places in the cities of Khan Yunis and Rafah in the south of the Strip and the Al-Nada Towers in the north.

Medical sources explained that the Israeli air strike on the home of the Bardawil family in the Al-Hasayna area in Nuseirat resulted in the death of three citizens, including a woman.

The warplanes launched several raids on previously bombed targets in the cities of Khan Yunis and Rafah, in addition to new targets that were not identified. The aircraft also renewed its bombing of Al-Nada Towers in the northern Gaza Strip.

On the same level, Israeli gunboats renewed their violent bombardment of all coastal areas.

 Eight citizens, including children, were martyred in an Israeli bombing that targeted two homes in the city of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip.

The occupation warplanes targeted the two houses without warning, one of which belonged to the Zanoun family, and the other to the Al-Ajez family.

The occupation aircraft also targeted 3 residential apartments in the Carmel Tower, adjacent to Al-Shifa Hospital, west of Gaza City, and caused serious damage to them.

The occupation warplanes, artillery and battleships intensified their bombardment on various areas of the Gaza Strip, targeting a residential tower, the Carmel Tower, destroying 3 apartments and damaging others.

 According to Nasser Al-Madina Hospital, a woman was martyred and 6 other citizens were injured after an Israeli warplane bombed a house belonging to the Al-Bashiti family in the Ma’an area, southeast of the city of Khan Yunis, in the southern Gaza Strip.

The occupation aircraft also bombed a house for the Abu Shamala family in the Bureij refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip, completely destroying it.

Two citizens were also killed and ten others were injured in a raid that targeted a house in Deir al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip, and they were transferred to Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in the city.

The occupation aircraft targeted, with two raids, two homes in the Al-Sabra neighborhood in the center of Gaza City for the Abu Nimah family and Al-Deira, which led to the death of a number of citizens and the injury of others. They were transferred to Al-Shifa Hospital, in addition to causing major destruction to nearby homes.

The occupation warplanes launched a raid on a house in the Al-Zaytoun neighborhood and completely destroyed it, killing a number of citizens and wounding others.

Local sources explained that ambulance crews were able to recover four martyrs from under the rubble of the Al-Ajez family home in the Khirba area, south of Rafah.

Witnesses reported that occupation aircraft bombed a house in the city of Deir al-Balah, killing four citizens and wounding others.

Israeli artillery intensified its attacks during the past hours on the areas adjacent to the separation fence.