Demonstrations in Arab and Islamic capitals denouncing the bombing of Baptist Hospital

Demonstrations in Arab and Islamic capitals denouncing the bombing of Baptist Hospital

Demonstrations and protest events continued in several Arab and Islamic cities denouncing the Israeli aggression on Gaza and the Baptist Hospital massacre, which was committed by the Israeli occupation forces and left more than 500 martyrs.

  • Tunisia:
    Several demonstrations were launched in Tunisian cities denouncing the Israeli massacre. The National Salvation Front and the Tunisian General Labor Union called for protests in the Tunisian capital. The demonstrators raised slogans demanding an end to the Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip, and stressing solidarity with the Palestinian people.

A number of Tunis residents also went out in a demonstration in front of the French embassy to express their protest against the massacres committed by the Israeli occupation.

  • Sultanate of Oman
    Dozens of Omanis participated in a protest in front of the American embassy in Muscat, denouncing the Israeli massacres against the Palestinian people. The demonstrators raised slogans in solidarity with the Palestinian resistance and rejected normalization with the occupation.

  • Iraq:
    Iraqi institutions witnessed several protests denouncing the bombing that targeted the National Baptist Hospital in Gaza.

At the University of Baghdad, thousands of students and professors organized a protest in which they declared their solidarity with the Palestinians, during which they demanded an end to the Israeli attacks.

Yesterday, Tuesday, Prime Minister Muhammad Shiaa Al-Sudani directed employees and members of all state departments, facilities and formations, and students of universities and schools throughout Iraq, to perform a stand of solidarity and mourning in their workplaces in loyalty and reverence for the innocent souls of the Palestinian people who were martyred in the attack on the Baptist Hospital in Gaza.

  • Iran
    Iranians demonstrated this Wednesday morning in the cities of Mashhad, Tehran, Diyar Kariman and Arak, in solidarity with the people of Gaza and to denounce the Baptist Hospital massacre in which hundreds were martyred.

  • Jordan
    Jordanian pages published a live broadcast of the exit of dozens of students at Al-Hussein bin Talal University in Jordan, in a demonstration of solidarity with the people of Gaza and the massacres they are being subjected to.

  • Lebanon
    Demonstrations took place in Palestinian refugee camps and cities in Lebanon, in solidarity with Palestine, and hundreds of people from Nabatieh, southern Lebanon, gathered in a solidarity stand called for by Hezbollah in solidarity with Gaza and in denunciation of the massacres against children.

Lebanese media platforms published scenes of a protest by health teams in the Ain al-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp.

  • Morocco

In Morocco, lawyers stood in Casablanca in protest against the crimes of the occupation against the Palestinian people.

  • Idlib
    Dozens of Atma residents in the Idlib countryside, northern Syria, went out in a demonstration, raising Palestinian flags, in solidarity with Gaza and the crimes it is being subjected to by the occupation army.

  • Egypt
    Dozens of students from Minya University in Upper Egypt, Mansoura University and Fayoum University organized a massive demonstration on Wednesday in support of the Palestinian cause, rejection of the Israeli aggression on Gaza, and to denounce the bombing of the Baptist Hospital, which left hundreds of martyrs.

A number of lawyers also organized a protest in the city of Alexandria, Egypt, to denounce the massacre.

  • Turkey
    Thousands of Turkish citizens demonstrated in front of the Israeli consulate in Istanbul to denounce the massacre of the National Baptist Hospital in Gaza. The demonstrators chanted slogans against the Israeli occupation, describing the massacre as a war crime against the people of Gaza. The city of Istanbul also witnessed demonstrations in both parts of the city, in addition to other demonstrations in the capital, Ankara, and the cities of Van, Kayseri, and Diyarbakir.