Created in Gaza: An environmentally friendly car exhibited in London

Created in Gaza: An environmentally friendly car exhibited in London

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

Three youths from Gaza managed to design a "green Car" project; In an attempt to bypass the fuel shortages, environmental pollution and noise crises in the sector.

Samir al-Mute, Mohammed al-Baz and Ahmed Abu-Kkiss, 24, formed a team at the initiative of the first, to complete the car project; and to participate in the international "Hult" contest in the British capital, London.

Motive and three stages

Samir Kmute did not propose his idea to his two friends in a vacuum, but rather responded to the deteriorating environmental and economic conditions in Gaza as a result of the wars that polluted the atmosphere and the blockade that paralysed the pockets of the citizens.

The idea of the project is to create a small family car factory to solve the problems of environmental pollution, create a clean society, reduce sound noise and car costs, fuel shortages and the emission of gases from vehicles into the air.

The Palestinian project is carried out in three sequential phases, surpassing the young "university", the first stage of the idea, and measured in theory, with energy science experts.

According to team member "Baz, the views of the experts on the idea differed between optimism and pessimism about their chances of success in practice.

Following the experts ´ views, the panel members proceeded with a mini-building of the concept "protomyep", with a view to their practical measurement.

According to "Baz", which spoke to the Sawa agency, the Micromodel of the project was successful as expected by some experts.


The three youths did not go to the completion of the model, but they were faced with problems that almost hit their plans.

Among the obstacles, Baz explains that it was a lack of batteries, so they had to buy a replacement at a double price and a slightly different specification, forcing them to modify the model.

The team presented the project model during the first presentation of the London International competition, to harvest the first place and qualify for the regional level, "but their ambition to complete the journey collided with the gate of the Rafah crossing then closed."

The dream is renewed

With the onset of frustration in young hardworking people, they discovered, through online access, that there was still a window of opportunity to complete the journey from their whereabouts without the need to travel.

Baz says: After a while we found that there is a phase called Wildcard which is part of the contest, allowing the team to participate again via the Internet, by displaying the idea in a Detailed photographer.

We have submitted the project, fortunately, we have again succeeded in being among the top 10 projects to qualify for direct competition in the finals.

to London

With the opening of the Rafah crossing, young people were able to leave Gaza and travel to London, in order to participate in the International Championship finals in their version for the current year.

It is noted that the Hult "competition" is held every year to promote the creation of solutions to global problems, which, in their current version, are devoted to alternative environmental energy, while the refugee issue was addressed last year.