Bolsonaro has been in hiding since his defeat in the presidential election

Bolsonaro has been in hiding since his defeat in the presidential election

Jair Bolsonaro , the Brazilian president until January 1, has been virtually absent from public life, even from social media, since his defeat by Luis Inacio Lula da Silva in the October 30 presidential election. October.

The far-right president initially remained silent for about two days after the result was announced, raising suspicions that he might object to his leftist rival´s victory.

He broke the silence on November 1, with a brief speech that did not exceed two minutes in front of him who waited two days in front of his official residence.

Bolsonaro did not openly admit his defeat, nor did he offer his congratulations to his rival on the victory, leaving it up to his chief of staff to announce that the president had "gived permission" for the "transition".

The next day, he spoke again in a short video clip posted on social media, in which he appealed to his supporters to "open the roads" they have erected since the beginning of the week.

A week after his last appearance, his schedule shows that he has been in a retreat at his residence since November 1, when he met with ministers at Planalto Palace, where the presidential offices are.

The daily O Globo quoted sources as saying that this prolonged absence was due to health problems, revealing that the 67-year-old president "suffered from a fever and looked depressed."

When asked by AFP about Bolsro´s health, the presidency did not answer.

The president´s Twitter account, which has been very active throughout his tenure, posted virtually no tweets since the second round of elections, only a vague picture showing him to his supporters, without comment, Tuesday.