Biden administration suspends plan to force TikTok sales

Biden administration suspends plan to force TikTok sales

The US authorities have suspended a plan to force the sale of TikTok to American investors, according to the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, while President Joe Biden´s administration is reviewing the security risks raised regarding the video application. It is owned by the famous Chinese company Bydance.

The newspaper said, citing unnamed sources, that the Biden administration has suspended indefinitely the plan to order the sale of "TikTok" to the US technology giant Oracle, with Walmart as a retail partner.

Former President Donald Trump´s plan was driven by concerns that TikTok and other Chinese online services pose security risks due to its ties to the Beijing government.

The newspaper said that the new administration is in the process of reviewing data security and ways to prevent the Chinese government from accessing the information that TikTok collects on US users, but there will be no imminent move to force the sale.

There was no immediate confirmation of the report from US officials or the companies involved.

The Trump administration´s move to ban Tik Tok downloads has stalled amid legal challenges.

The popular application "TikTok" used by nearly 100 million Americans has repeatedly defended itself against allegations of data transmission to the Chinese government, saying it stores user information on servers in the United States and Singapore.

The Trump administration revealed at the time an initial deal was to make Oracle, the Silicon Valley giant, the technology partner of TikTok in a new entity known as TikTok Global.