A special type of population in Washington

A special type of population in Washington

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A coalition of several groups in the United States of America is working on a census that aims to count the population of Washington, D.C., from Cats.

The census began on July 17 and aims to count the number of cats in Washington in hopes of developing ways to deal with these organisms across the United States.

According to the Washington Post of the United States, they will use cameras and take data from homes and other techniques to determine the number of cats in the city´s homes and streets, where 690 thousand people live, according to Reuters.

Project supporters say that knowing how many cats are in the city will help animal welfare homes to better allocate resources and wildlife experts to follow cats and help control the number of stray cats.

The census is expected to be completed in June June 2021.

At least one in three American houses, or more than 74 million cats and cats, live across the country according to the 2012 American Veterinary Association figures.

A study conducted by experts from the United States government and published in 2013 found that cats were the main cause of death of small birds and mammals, partly due to the large number of stray cats.