A Fine Arts Exhibition in Hebron Portrays the Palestinian Cause

A Fine Arts Exhibition in Hebron Portrays the Palestinian Cause

Fifty artists from Hebron and Bethlehem have portrayed the Palestinian cause through seventy artistic paintings in an exhibition titled "Palestinian Tales" at the Cultural Martyrs Center in Dura. The exhibition was organized by the "Hanin" Fine Arts Association and the Youth Literary Coalition for Culture and Arts in Bethlehem, under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture and Dura Municipality, carrying multiple messages and objectives.

Rashad Abu Hameed, Acting Director of the Ministry of Culture, stated that the exhibition elevates the field of fine arts by showcasing the artistic skills and highlighting the creative works in Hebron that focus on Palestinian art and identity.

One of the participating artists, Shams Jabran, contributed two paintings that express the Palestinian cause and the current situation. She explained that she titled her artwork "Palestinian Tales" because it encompasses various cultural themes and represents Palestinian women.

Iyad Atmizi, Vice President of the "Hanin" Fine Arts Association, stated that the exhibition reflects the Palestinian cause through different narratives and details presented in various artistic paintings. Each artist has their own distinctive style and tools to convey their desired ideas.

Mohannad Amro, Mayor of Dura, believes that each artistic painting carries a story that connects us to our history, heritage, and the nature of our lives. He described the exhibition as beautiful and expressive, contributing to the Palestinian struggle as part of our culture.

Heba Shanane, another artist participating in the exhibition, depicted traditional Palestinian neighborhoods and their historical significance, particularly in Hebron, through her artwork. She explained that the exhibition narrates Palestinian tales and stories using a unique painting style that reflects her vision.

Amani Al-Fakhouri emphasized that each painting in the exhibition represents a historical or national struggle story of Palestine, laden with concerns such as the prisoner issue, Jerusalem, and the separation wall. The message of the exhibition aims to enhance the cultural and artistic level in Hebron.

Dr. Idris Jeradat, Director of the Snabel Center for Heritage Studies, stated that art is an everlasting message and a high need within Maslow's hierarchy. Artists express the needs and requirements of society. The exhibition's paintings embody resistance, popular, social, educational, functional, and aesthetic aspects. He called for supporting artists and providing them with a nurturing environment to refine their talents.