2,600 patients, displaced persons, and medical staff in the besieged Indonesian hospital in Gaza

2,600 patients, displaced persons, and medical staff in the besieged Indonesian hospital in Gaza

The spokesman for the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza, Ashraf Al-Qudra, announced today, Tuesday, that there are 400 wounded and their companions still inside the Indonesian hospital, in addition to 2,000 displaced persons and 200 medical staff.

Al-Qudra explained that “all the hospitals in the northern Gaza Strip are out of service, and we are coordinating with the United Nations to evacuate the besieged Indonesian hospital” from Israeli forces two days ago in the town of Jabalia (north).

He confirmed that the Israeli forces' targeting of the Indonesian hospital yesterday, Monday, led to the killing of 12 of the wounded, their companions, and medical staff, and the injury of dozens of others.

He added, "The Israeli occupation is trying to adopt criminal behavior in the Indonesian hospital, as it did in the Al-Shifa Medical Complex."

He pointed out that "a large number of displaced people fled from the Indonesian hospital on Monday, but Israeli forces targeted them, and their bodies are still lying on the ground in front of the hospital."

He continued: "Coordination was made with the Red Cross yesterday, Monday, and more than a hundred patients and wounded were evacuated from inside the hospital to hospitals in the southern Gaza Strip."

Al-Qudra stated, “Today, Tuesday, the International Committee of the Red Cross and the United Nations are trying to establish mechanisms to transfer the remaining wounded inside the Indonesian hospital to hospitals in the southern Gaza Strip.”

He said: “The occupation wants to turn the Indonesian facility into a military barracks, conduct combing operations inside it, and commit war crimes and acts of sabotage inside the hospital, which was the backbone of the health service in the north.”

He pointed out that Israeli forces are also besieging the Noura Al-Kaabi Medical Center, which is the “only” dialysis center in the northern Gaza Strip.

Regarding the developments in Al-Shifa Medical Complex, west of Gaza City, Al-Qudra said that “there are currently 259 wounded people there, in addition to a number of companions, displaced persons, and medical staff.”

He added: "A UN delegation from the World Health Organization visited Al-Shifa Hospital during the past few days, and coordination was being made to remove those remaining in the hospital."

He continued: “So far, there is no news or any date for the release of those remaining in Al-Shifa Medical Complex.”

Al-Qudra called for speedy action to evacuate those remaining in the hospital, before “the Israeli army commits a new massacre against them.”

Regarding the conditions in hospitals in the southern Gaza Strip, Al-Qudra stated that they “cannot handle the large numbers of injured people, especially after the wounded were transferred from Al-Shifa and Indonesian hospitals to them.”

A spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Gaza pointed out “the necessity of transporting those wounded in Israeli raids to receive treatment outside the Gaza Strip.”

For 46 days, the Israeli army has been waging a devastating war on Gaza, leaving more than 13,300 Palestinians dead, including more than 5,600 children and 3,550 women, as well as more than 31,000 injured, 75 percent of whom are children and women, according to the media office. Government in Gaza.