9 martyrs and 20 injured in a large-scale military operation of the occupation in Jenin camp

9 martyrs and 20 injured in a large-scale military operation of the occupation in Jenin camp

9 citizens, including an elderly woman, were killed, and at least 20 were injured, Thursday morning, by bullets from the Israeli occupation forces that stormed the Jenin refugee camp in large numbers in the northern West Bank.

 According to the Ministry of Health, among the martyrs was Saeb Essam Azriqi (24 years old), who was shot in the chest and arrived at Ibn Sina Hospital in critical condition.

She indicated that there are many injuries, including 4 serious cases.

Our correspondent reported that special forces filtered the camp through a vehicle with a Palestinian registration plate, and it was discovered, and the resistance fighters fought with it, before large military reinforcements arrived.

He pointed out that violent clashes took place between the resistance groups and the occupation forces, and explosive devices were detonated by military vehicles.


Military reinforcements arrived at the camp after a special force stormed it, amid violent clashes taking place between it and the resistance groups.


He stated that the camp has turned into a battlefield, and the occupation has prevented aid from reaching the injured in the streets.


The occupation forces fired tear gas canisters at the government hospital in Jenin, causing patients, children, women and others to suffocate.


Citizens circulated a video clip of the downing of a "Drone" plane after it was shot down by resistance fighters, while an Israeli security source later confirmed the crash of the plane, claiming that there was no fear of information leakage.


Military correspondents for the various Hebrew channels claimed that the largest operation in years was aimed at thwarting a major attack and arresting a prominent wanted man from the Islamic Jihad.