Supporting Journalists: 93 violations of media freedoms during the past month

Supporting Journalists: 93 violations of media freedoms during the past month

The Committee to Support Journalists has monitored 93 violations of the right to media freedoms against journalists in the Palestinian territories, represented by arrest, threats, targeting with bullets, direct field assault, robbery, storming journalists´ homes, prevention of coverage and unfair pressure on journalists.

According to the committee’s report, the month of September 2022 witnessed more than (63) Israeli violations against media professionals, which come within the framework of the occupation forces’ attempt to obscure the shining truth of their crimes and terrorism against the Palestinians. The report also recorded (19) violations by internal Palestinian parties, With regard to combating Palestinian content, the report recorded (11) cases of violations by social networking sites.

Israeli violations

The report documented, during the month of September 2022, the injury and targeting of (10) journalists by the occupation forces and settlers, during their coverage of the demolition of the homes of Jerusalemites by the occupation bulldozers in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of occupied Jerusalem, Jenin, Hebron and Nablus, as well as beating, kicking and dragging them, during their coverage of marches and events. In the occupied West Bank, the occupation used rubber bullets and poison gas bombs to prevent journalists from covering and attending the event.

 The report also documented the arrest and detention by the Israeli occupation forces of (9) journalists, including the journalist Lama Ghosheh, who was conditionally released, the journalist Yassin Abu Lafah, and the journalist Ahmed Sobeih. It also recorded (1) case of house arrest against the journalist Lama Ghosheh, and the number of (2) ) Deportation from Al-Aqsa Mosque are the photojournalist Ahmed Abu Sobeih, and the journalist Manar Al-Shobaki.

 Meanwhile, the Occupation Court issued a ruling issuing a de facto arrest order for (1) against the sick journalist, Dina Jaradat, who was sentenced to four months in actual prison, while (7) cases were recorded to postpone trials and extend the period of detention and administrative detention, including the journalist Bushra Al-Taweel and the extension of her detention The administrative detention for the third time for a period of three months, and the extension of the administrative detention for the second time for the journalist Omar Abu Al-Rub for a period of six months, as well as the postponement of a trial, and the extension of the detention of the journalist Lama Abu Ghosheh (later released).

In addition, the occupation forces, in partnership with the settlers, prevented more than (13) cases of coverage, and obstructed the performance of their tasks and their coverage of marches and events that show violations of the Israeli occupation in the occupied Palestinian territories.

 Meanwhile, the occupation forces threatened (3) journalists with death, arrest and accusation of incitement. The report also documented (2) cases of destruction of journalists´ cameras and cars, in addition to the registration of (5) cases of confiscation of Palestinian equipment, cards and identity.

The report also monitored (2) cases of intrusion, raid, search and tampering with the contents of journalists´ homes.

And regarding the occupation´s harassment of prisoners of war in the occupation prisons, the report recorded (6) cases, in addition to the registration of (2) cases of forcing them to pay a fine after being sentenced.

Social media violations

With regard to combating Palestinian content, it closed and restricted an account, and social media administrations, in conspiring with the Israeli occupation, banned more than (11) page accounts for journalists and media professionals under the pretext of publishing on the sites, which violates the publishing instructions.