Guterres warns against moving away from the two-state solution

Guterres warns against moving away from the two-state solution

 in his speech before the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly, today, Tuesday, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, describing the dangerous situation in the world, stressing the urgent need for action and the need to cling to hope. .

"In order to alleviate the global food crisis, we must now address the fertilizer market crisis," Guterres said at the opening of the meetings of the high-level assembly, which is attended by hundreds of leaders and high-ranking officials from countries of the world, stressing at the same time that there is enough food at the present time, the fertilizer market is unstable, and this may lead to the world facing a food supply problem next year, which requires the need to continue removing all remaining obstacles to the export of Russian fertilizers and their components, including ammonia, as these are not subject to products for sanctions, and we are making progress in eliminating the spillover effects (of sanctions).

Guterres referred to the various crises the world is witnessing, reminding the assembled leaders that they pose a threat to "the future of humanity and the fate of our planet" and a number of some of them, and referred to the Ukraine war, the climate emergency, the loss of biodiversity, the deteriorating economic situation of developing countries, the fate of the sustainable development goals and the food crisis.

Guterres noted that geopolitical divisions wrong the work of the Security Council, international law, people´s trust and faith in democratic institutions, and all forms of international cooperation, and warning that "it cannot continue in this way."

He called on the leaders of countries to reach lasting peace in a number of conflict areas, and said that "the world´s attention is still directed to Russia´s invasion of Ukraine, where the war has left widespread destruction and violations of human rights and international humanitarian law , the number of victims has exceeded several thousands, the displacement of millions and the impact of billions of people around the world.” The world is at war with deteriorating food, energy and supply chain security around the world.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations also warned of the widening gap and the division between the West (Western countries) and the South (the countries of the Global South), and of the decline in funding for humanitarian relief operations.

Guterres briefly referred to a number of conflicts around the world, including Afghanistan, Palestine , Libya, and Syria.

On the Palestinian issue, he pointed out that in the occupied Palestinian territories, "the waves of violence continue in Israel and Palestine, under occupation, at a time when we are moving further away from a peaceful solution based on the two-state solution. " 

President Mahmoud Abbas will address the General Assembly next Friday, September 23, 2022.