Occupation bulldozers distort the beauty of nature in the Jordan Valley by destroying and persecuting farmers

Occupation bulldozers distort the beauty of nature in the Jordan Valley by destroying and persecuting farmers

The military and civilian arms of the occupation working in the Jordan Valley seek to distort the aesthetic image of these areas, which are considered a food basket for the Palestinians. who communicated.

The beauty of the landscape in the Jordan Valley, which is one of the important agricultural lands in Palestine, destroyed by the bulldozers of the occupation and the settlers’ carts.

The Israeli bulldozers and the patrols in the white jeeps of the Civil Administration do not leave any stray or incoming unless they are pursued by preventing construction and demolishing existing ones, and this affects the plants and trees.

Farmer Abdel Moneim Madraj, one of the farmers in the northern Jordan Valley, says: What the people of the area are facing is a daily war with the occupation army and the settlers together.. The occupation army is setting up military checkpoints and training with heavy equipment that damages all the areas in which it travels, in addition to the remnants of military exercises that pose a danger On the citizens and livestock, and the occupation prevents the establishment of any building, no matter how small or primitive, while the settlers build everything on the land, and receive support from the occupation army.


Madraj added: The beauty of the landscape in the Jordan Valley is being assassinated by the occupation’s bulldozers and the settlers’ violations, and I heard testimonies from farmers and traders in the area complaining about the occupation’s pursuit of them by all means, as well as the settlers. Tank engines and their moving tracks.

He continued: Instead of being a picturesque place for nature, the occupation has made it a place for killing, stalking and sabotaging crops that are damaged by chains and tank bombs during military exercises, and grazing has also become fraught with dangers, as there are wastes that kill livestock and shepherds.

Madraj pointed out that there is an Israeli decision to prevent any expansion of farmers and citizens in the Jordan Valley.

For his part, human rights activist Aref Daraghmeh draws daily a picture of the suffering of farmers in the Jordan Valley and broadcasts videos and photos showing the violations of the occupation in the area, saying: The war is between a first party that possesses all means of destruction, and the second is the victim who has nothing but will, steadfastness and steadfastness.


Daraghmeh says: Talking about what is happening in the Jordan Valley is long, all the details of life are painful and every day the citizen and farms are waiting for occupation measures that threaten their existence, in addition to unleashing the settlers who commit crimes on the land represented by killing livestock, threatening their owners, preventing grazing, and confiscating large areas, and all this leads to the Renewed suffering of the citizens, to the extent that the citizen is imitating his uprooted trees, as happened with the citizen Jihad Bani Odeh, who spoke with olive saplings. This is an occupation that is hostile to trees, stones and humans and does not know humanity.

Activists in the resistance to settlement confirmed: The Jordan Valley, with its natural landscapes and abundant agricultural production, is now hostage to military measures.