11,180 martyrs and more than 28 thousand wounded in the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip

11,180 martyrs and more than 28 thousand wounded in the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip

The government media office reported that the number of martyrs as a result of the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip for the thirty-seventh day in a row had risen to 11,180 martyrs, including 4,609 children and 3,100 women, while the number of martyrs of medical personnel reached 198, including a doctor, a nurse, and a paramedic, and 20 civil defense men and 49 journalists were martyred.

The government media office said, during a press conference, that the number of massacres committed by the criminal occupation army amounted to 1,142 massacres, and the number of casualties reached 28,200, more than 70% of whom were women and children, in addition to the number of missing persons, which reached 3,250, including 1,700 children who are still missing. Under the rubble.

In light of the Israeli occupation army's targeting of hospitals in particular and the threat to medical staff, the office indicated that 22 hospitals and 49 health centers were out of service, in addition to the occupation targeting (53) ambulances.

The office pointed out that the occupation directly bombed the intensive care department at Al-Shifa Medical Complex, destroying part of it, and bombing the last floor of the surgery building, in addition to targeting the maternity building with a shell, and the courtyard next to the kidney department, causing a fire in the place.

The occupation army also targeted a technical worker and injured him directly in the neck when he was moving between the surgical buildings to address the problem of a power outage.

The office spoke about the occupation army targeting a group of citizens who risked their lives and left the eastern gate of the hospital and were immediately bombed.

He pointed out that the medical teams were unable to go out to evacuate the martyrs and wounded due to the occupation’s targeting of everything that moved in the complex. The occupation targeted a patient while he was in his room, which led to him suffering a fracture in his shoulder bones.

The office continued to talk about the occupation’s targeting of the Al-Shifa Complex. The occupation forces bombed one of the oxygen connections leading to the maternity departments and the Al-Quds Surgery Building. They also targeted the cardiology department.

The office announced the recovery of two premature infants and a sick patient in care, in addition to five wounded people whose lives medical teams were unable to save due to the operating rooms being closed.

He pointed out that Al-Shifa Medical Complex was founded in 1946, meaning that it is older than the Israeli occupation entity, whose gang occupied Palestine in 1948 AD. Today, its soldiers want to demolish it and kill those in it with missiles, bombs, missiles, bullets, or various aircraft.

Regarding the material damage, the media office reported that 41,030 housing units were subjected to total demolition, in addition to 222,120 housing units that were subjected to partial demolition.

The number of government headquarters destroyed reached 92, while 241 schools were destroyed, including 61 schools that were out of service.

Places of worship were not spared from the oppression of the occupation. The occupation completely destroyed 70 mosques and partially destroyed 153 mosques, in addition to targeting (3) churches.

In the agricultural sector, the office said that the number of agricultural losses resulting from this ongoing aggression amounted to $180 million, direct losses, as the occupation destroyed and bulldozed more than 25% of the agricultural areas, amounting to 45,000 dunums, in addition to destroying thousands of fruit trees, and executing entire groups of livestock and poultry farms. And fish.

The media office confirmed that medical and governmental teams will continue to carry out their historical and moral duty and support our Palestinian people, despite the killing, despite the continuing targeting, and despite the seriousness of the field reality.

He called on the countries of the free world to curb this criminal occupation and immediately stop this ongoing holocaust by bombing hospitals and homes and destroying them over the heads of their residents.

He called for the need to stop these crimes that contradict international law and international humanitarian law, pointing out that the continuation of these massacres means that the occupation continues to commit them with international cover and approval.

He urgently and immediately called for the permanent opening of the Rafah crossing so that it would be a safe passage through which aid and medical supplies would flow to hospitals and various relief centers.

He stressed the need to bring fuel to hospitals in the Gaza Strip so that medical teams can provide medical and health services in the Strip’s hospitals.

The office condemned in the strongest terms the horrific complicity of the international community, led by the United States of America, which sided with the occupation and supported it at all levels, and gave it the green light to target and bomb hospitals and homes with planes and missiles.

He held the Israeli occupation and the international community, especially the United States of America, fully responsible for the Holocaust and the organized crimes committed by the occupation army against civilians and the defenseless Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.