13 prisoners on hunger strike in the occupation prisons

The Prisoners’ Club said that new prisoners joined the battle of the hunger strike to reject the policy of administrative detention, which raises the number of striking prisoners to 13 in the Negev, Raymon and Ofer.

The club clarified that four prisoners suspended the hunger strike, they are Muntasir Billah Abu Azum (reaching an agreement to limit his administrative detention), Moayed Al-Khatib (due to the deterioration of his health), Muhammad Al-Zughair (received a fundamental decision not to extend), and Nidal Mufleh Khalaf (reaching an agreement). order to limit his administrative detention.

These are the names of the prisoners who continue their hunger strike:
  1. The prisoner Salem Zaidat from Bani Naim / Hebron.
  2. The captive Muhammad Omar from Tulkarm.
  3. The prisoner Mujahid Hamed from Silwad / Ramallah.
  4. The prisoner Mahmoud Al-Fasfous from Dura / Hebron.
  5. The captive Kayed Phosphorous from Dura / Hebron.
  6. The prisoner Raafat Al-Darawish from Dura / Hebron.
  7. Prisoner Guevara Namoura from Dura / Hebron.
  8. Maher Delaysha from Ramallah.
    And a group of prisoners started a support strike, they are:
    9. Aladdin Khaled Ali from Ramallah.
  9. Ahmed Abdel Rahman Abu Salem from Hebron.
    11. Muhammad Khaled Abu Salem from Hebron.
    12. Husam Tayseer Rabi'i from Hebron.
    13. Fadi Al-Amour from Hebron.


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