American website: The cease-fire in Gaza is on the verge of collapse, and Egypt seeks to make up for it

The American "Axios" website said, this evening, Wednesday, that the indirect talks between Israel and Hamas , to establish a ceasefire and start the reconstruction process, have not made much progress, prompting fears from the parties sponsoring the truce that confrontations will erupt again between the two parties.


The US website added, quoting Israeli officials and Western diplomats, that Israel threatens, after 5 weeks of the ceasefire, to disrupt the reconstruction process in the Gaza Strip, noting that "Hamas" rejected a mechanism presented by the UN envoy related to the disbursement of reconstruction funds in Gaza . According to the site

The website continued, quoting the officials: "Israel threatens and threatens to suspend the reconstruction of Gaza, unless progress is recorded regarding the return of two prisoners held by Hamas and the remains of two soldiers."


The American website indicated that Qatar pledged to provide $500 million for the reconstruction of Gaza, pointing out that the main obstacle is how to transfer the amount to Gaza.

Western diplomats told the website that the head of Hamas in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar, rejected a mechanism presented by the UN envoy regarding the disbursement of reconstruction funds in Gaza.


The website added: "Israel stipulated that the United Nations develop a mechanism to ensure that Qatari funds are allocated for humanitarian purposes in Gaza, in order to ensure that Hamas does not benefit militarily from it."


He added, "Israeli officials are very concerned about the current stalemate in the negotiation process, and this brings us closer to a new round of escalation every day."


For his part, Israeli officials told the American website that the Egyptians are trying to hold indirect talks between Israel and Hamas in Cairo next week, to gain more time for the talks before the possibility of a renewed escalation. According to the site


Axios continued, "It is noteworthy that the Israelis' agreement to allow the export of goods from Gaza to Israel and the West Bank in the past few days was based on an Egyptian proposal to rebuild confidence for the first time since the last escalation."

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