Gaza: Demands to grant refugees their rights and solve their case

 The Joint Committee for Refugees in the Gaza Strip demanded today, Sunday, all countries and governments hosting refugees to grant them their full human rights and economic relief until their case is resolved by returning home.

This came in a statement by the committee on the occasion of the World Refugee Day, which falls on the twentieth of June of each year, which was set by the United Nations to remind the issue of asylum around the world, as it constitutes a real tragedy for everyone who has been exposed to asylum as a result of wars, disasters, or uprooting and squandering from the land.

The committee pointed out that the Palestinian refugee issue is the biggest issue at the international level, as it has been going on for 73 years and still exists without practical solutions, noting that about 6 million Palestinians suffer from asylum and dream of returning to their homes and being empowered with their property.

The committee called for the international community to bear responsibility for the continuing tragedy of the refugees by not implementing UN Resolution 194, in light of the occupation's denial of all international laws, and the provision of political and legal support to secure the rights of refugees.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) demanded that it assume its responsibilities by providing health care, education and all necessary humanitarian services to the refugees.

She stressed that there is no alternative to the right of return to the homeland and the rejection of all projects that liquidate the rights of refugees, which are based on undermining the rules of international law and denying the rights of the refugees who are the original owners of land in Palestine.

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