Gaza children stand in solidarity with their martyred peers

On the ruins of the destroyed home of the Sakka family in Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip, dozens of children remember their fellow martyrs by placing their pictures among the rubble that still bears witness to the crimes of the recent Israeli aggression on Gaza, which resulted in the martyrdom 68 children, out of 260 Palestinians killed by Israel in 11 days.

Some of the participating children brought their own toys to put them next to the pictures of the martyrs above the rubble of the destroyed house, which was decorated with slogans such as “Give us childhood” and “Let us be as children of the world.”

During a silent pause in front of the al-Saqa family’s house, the children, some of whom wore traditional clothes, raised the Palestinian flag, next to a banner that read, “What remains of the olive trees.” It included a drawing prepared by them showing the symbol “Handala holding the key to return,” and an eagle. Freedom flying over the Dome of the Rock.

The child, Suha, who participated in the solidarity stand, said that the message of the living children is that there is no sin for these martyrs who have not yet seen life, and have not achieved any of their dreams in it.

She added, in an interview in her simple childish language, a palestinian journal  “We are young. We want to live our lives. What is our fault, we live in terror and under bombardment? We want our freedom and we want the world to stand with us, and we liberate Jerusalem.”

For his part, the child Muhammad Khudair said that the children of Gaza want to live like the children of the world, and to stop targeting them inside their house, which was bombed for no reason, adding, “They bombed our homes and took everything from us, what is our fault, we just wanted our childhood.”

Abdul Raouf Al-Farra, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the “If Our Hero We Dream” Association, which supervised the vigil, says that the living children wanted to send a message to the martyred children, and that they, like the children of the world, love life, happiness and peace and want to live and obtain the most basic childhood rights.

Al-Farra pointed out that the occupation used internationally prohibited weapons during its aggression on Gaza to destroy homes over the heads of its occupants of men, women and children, stressing that this aggression will not be erased from the memory of the Palestinian people.


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