American universities in solidarity with Palestine

Some American universities witnessed a movement in support of the Palestinian cause, and demands for a boycott of the Israeli occupation state.

300 Bain University students and professors, 28 local organizations and a member of Parliament in Pennsylvania called for the dissolution of its partnership and the withdrawal of its investments from Israeli companies, and allowing the students the freedom to express their opinion.

The New York University Professors Union condemned the recent Israeli attacks on the Palestinians, and the increase in the frequency of daily attacks in the occupied territories, and affirmed their determination to support the boycott of Israel movement.

The union said in a statement: "We cannot remain silent while the Palestinians continue to be subjected to displacement by Israel, and its use of lethal force against them."

Wayne University in Michigan also witnessed sharp discussions between the student union and its administration after the university president intervened directly to delete paragraphs in a statement by the union condemning the attacks on the Gaza Strip and the killing of dozens of children and women and the destruction of buildings.


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