The government media publishes the results of the continuous aggression of the occupation on Gaza for the seventh day

The government media office in Gaza published an update on the outcome of the occupation’s criminality and continuous aggression on the Gaza Strip for the seventh day.

The office indicated that the occupation aircraft, its artillery and its warships launched more than 1,200 raids and attacks since the beginning of the aggression, affecting various areas of the Gaza Strip, and focusing on the bombing of homes, residential buildings, government headquarters and infrastructure, including roads, electricity, water and sanitation networks, and monitored in his next report:

- Last night's raids reached more than 155 raids, carried out by aircraft, artillery, and Israeli battleships, and the bombing was concentrated in the center of Gaza City and the southern Gaza Strip.

- This aggression resulted in the elevation of 181 martyrs, including: 52 children and 31 women, while the number of wounded reached 1225, most of them women and children.

- The aggression resulted in great material losses and damages to infrastructure, citizens' homes and farms, amounting to 177 million five hundred thousand dollars in its initial estimates, of which: 127 million dollars are direct losses, while indirect losses were estimated at 50 million five hundred thousand dollars, according to the following:

- The bombing of houses and residential homes, a total of more than 770 units, between total and severe demolitions, in addition to the damage of at least 4,976 housing units due to moderate and partial damages as a result of the continuous bombing.

97 residential towers and homes were bombed and completely demolished, 32 media offices were completely demolished, as well as damage to dozens of institutions, associations and other offices. The initial direct losses in the housing sector reached a total of $ 36 million

- The bombing of 65 government headquarters and public facilities, which varied between police headquarters, security and service facilities. Estimates of direct losses amounted to 16 million dollars.

- 36 schools and a number of health facilities and primary care clinics were severely and partially damaged by the heavy bombardment in their vicinity

The bombing of animal farms, agricultural lands, wells and irrigation networks, with an initial loss of $ 17 million.

Direct losses amounting to $ 21 million in economic and commercial facilities, as a result of their bombing, including the bombing of 4 local bank headquarters and factories.

The bombing of streets and infrastructure represented by water and sewage networks, with an initial loss of $ 14 million.


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