Civil Defense calls for the introduction of rescue crews from neighboring countries

On Sunday afternoon, the General Directorate of Palestinian Civil Defense appealed to the international community to urgently provide it with crews, equipment and vehicles, in light of the continued Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip.

Brigadier General Samir Al-Khatib, Assistant Director General of Civil Defense for Operations and Emergencies, called for providing him with crews and equipment from neighboring countries, to contribute to following up the effects of the ongoing aggression.

This came, during a press conference for the Civil Defense and Military Medical Services, in front of the destroyed houses as a result of the Israeli massacre in the Rimal neighborhood of Gaza City last night, which killed 42 martyrs and dozens of wounded, and left widespread damage to residential buildings.

Brigadier General Al-Khatib explained that the civil defense crews have been suffering for 14 years a lack of capabilities and capabilities due to the Israeli blockade, pointing out that no light or heavy equipment has been supplied except for a small amount.

Al-Khatib referred to the size of the unprecedented and fierce attack launched by the Israeli occupation, with violent, successive and simultaneous raids, which led to the civil defense tasks taking a long time and a great effort in their humanitarian tasks.

Al-Khatib added that as soon as the brutal Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip began, the General Directorate of Civil Defense formed an emergency cell to follow up the effects of the aggression and raise the level of readiness of all personnel, equipment and machinery.

He pointed out that they are working in difficult conditions in light of the lack of capabilities and resources due to the repercussions of the Israeli blockade.

He indicated that the steady increase in the population in the Gaza Strip requires modernization and development of the cadres and equipment of the civil defense, but it has stagnated due to the blockade, and thus the burden placed on it to provide its humanitarian services has increased.

He continued: "Since the beginning of the aggression, we have carried out hundreds of missions that included rescue, relief, and evacuation of martyrs and wounded, and firefighting tasks as a result of the Israeli bombing, as well as searching for missing persons under the rubble of demolished buildings."

The sand massacre

Regarding the Al-Rimal neighborhood massacre last night, Brigadier General Al-Khatib said that rescue teams are currently continuing their duties in searching for missing persons due to the violent Israeli bombing of the area, and removing the rubble of destroyed homes.

He emphasized that large parts of the aforementioned residential square were destroyed, adding that other teams from several governorates were used to support this big task due to the large scale of destruction, as many homes were leveled on the ground.

Teams of support ministries, such as works, local government, municipalities, and the Coastal Water Authority, as well as some heavy machinery, were used by citizens and companies, according to al-Khatib.

Brigadier General Al-Khatib indicated that the few minutes will make a difference in saving the lives of citizens in relation to the work of the civil defense, explaining that they have received calls from citizens alive under the rubble, but because of the lack of capabilities, the rescue work took a long time.

Al-Khatib said that the removal of the martyrs and the injured had been completed from under one of the destroyed buildings, among them women and children, pointing to the continuing search work in other buildings.

He concluded his speech by saying that the crews working in the field are at the helm of their work in the region, and they are trying as much as possible to save the lives of the citizens who are still alive.


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