The occupation arrests 25 Jerusalemites, raising the toll within a month to 1000 detainees

 Today, Sunday, the Israeli occupation police arrested 25 citizens in occupied Jerusalem, bringing the total of arrests since the beginning of the events in the blessed month of Ramadan to 1,000 detainees.

The director of the Prisoners' Club in Jerusalem, Nasser Qus, told our correspondent that the occupation police brutally assaulted women and children this morning in the Wadi Qaddum neighborhood of Silwan, south of Jerusalem, and arrested: Maher Dana, Ziad Dana, Zaki Dana, Qusay Dana, and Yasser Dana.

From the Old City, the occupation forces arrested a number of citizens, including: Shaher al-Salaymeh and his son Muhammad, the boy Adnan Shaludi, Yazan Al-Basiti, Khaled Al-Basti, Faris Jaber, and Jihad Qus.

It also arrested a number of citizens from different neighborhoods known from them: Ziad Salaymeh, Muhammad Qasim Salaymeh, Majdi al-Atrash, Rami Marar, Musab Abu Farha, Bahaa Abu al-Hamam, Muhammad Sanduqa, Ali Salah, and Ahmed Abu Sbitan.


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