Update: the number of martyrs and wounded in the Gaza Strip

The Ministry of Health in Gaza revealed , in a press conference, today, Saturday, the developments and developments of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip for the sixth consecutive day.

Ashraf Al Qidra, spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Gaza, said: "The total number of martyrs and wounded since the start of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip is 145 martyrs, including 41 children, 23 women and 1,100 wounded, including 313 children and 206 women, in addition to 38 very serious injuries, 248 moderate cases. .

Al-Qidrah added, "The Israeli occupation forces are still practicing the war of extermination against our Palestinian families, which took 10 families out of the Palestinian civil registry, killing 38 martyrs for these families, including 21 children and 11 women, and dozens of different injuries."

He continued: "The Israeli occupation continues to target unarmed civilians who are safe in their homes with the most lethal types of weapons and tear apart the bodies of children and women and displace hundreds of them in a scene that coincides with the anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba, which coincides with today, as the whole world watched at dawn today the crime of the Beach Camp, in which it was elevated 10 Residents of the Abu Hatab and Al-Hadidi family, which killed the mother and 4 children from the two families. "

And that "the Ministry of Health warns of the seriousness of the health situation in the shelters, which has been opened to accommodate families who have lost their homes due to the continuous aggression in difficult environmental and health conditions, which threatens a health catastrophe that exacerbates the chances of an outbreak of the Corona virus, and thus we are facing a third wave of the epidemic, the results of which can not be expected." ".

He stressed that "the normal situation for these families is to return to their homes while ensuring full protection for them, and re-establishing water supplies, sanitation and electricity, and this requires that international humanitarian, human rights and health institutions face their responsibilities to curb the occupation policy in bombing residential neighborhoods and protecting unarmed civilians."

 He indicated that "the continuation of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip threatens to undermine the efforts of the Ministry of Health in the face of the Corona epidemic, as medical teams face difficulty in moving to follow up those isolated in homes, conduct laboratory surveys, complete the vaccination program against the virus and reach people with chronic diseases and those who were unable to reach health care centers." , And the pressure resulting from the high rate of admission to hospitalization and intensive care departments.

He added, "With the suspension of fuel supplies to the power plant in the Gaza Strip due to the closure of the crossings, and the damage to the electricity networks due to the continuous bombing, the Ministry of Health warns of the direct impact on the various vital departments due to the power outages, such as operating rooms, nurseries, intensive care, laboratories and medical imaging departments, which is what "Long hours work on generators that drain large amounts of fuel, in addition to medical devices being damaged by frequent power cuts."

 Al-Qidra renewed "the call to open the crossings for the arrival of emergency health aid, in which the severe shortage in the types of emergency tasks, operations, care and follow-up in the housing departments is exacerbated, in addition to facilitating the exit of the injured and sick to complete their treatment outside the Gaza Strip and the entry of medical delegations."



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