183 violations against journalists since the beginning of this year

 The Journalists Syndicate said that the occupation forces have committed 183 crimes and serious violations against the Palestinian press situation in Palestine, since the beginning of this year until the end of last April, including 67 cases of crews being detained and prevented from reporting, the owner of whom was 22 A case of physical assault with beating and kicking.

The Freedoms Committee of the Syndicate of Journalists stated, in a report issued today, Monday, on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, which falls on May 3 each year, that among these violations are 15 cases of suffocation with tear gas, with 10 journalists directly injured in the body. By targeting them with gas and stun bombs.

And she stressed the need for Israeli perpetrators not to go unpunished, and that it is proceeding with its actions towards the judiciary and international courts.

It indicated that the most serious of these violations was direct shooting at journalists, as well as the apparent increase in the volume of arrests.

And she continued: Journalists were not spared from being targeted with metal bullets, as 9 were injured, with a clear increase in the number of arrests, which reached 14 cases since the beginning of the year, in addition to 12 cases of summonses to investigate the occupation security centers.

The violations and crimes included 10 cases of storming the homes of journalists and press institutions, as well as smashing and seizing press equipment, threats, presentations to unfair courts, fines, and attacks with police dogs.

In terms of internal violations, the report revealed a clear decline in its size, as it recorded 4 violations in the West Bank, and 8 violations in the Gaza Strip.

In terms of violations on social media platforms, the report confirmed the clear and flagrant involvement of many of these platforms, in partnership with the occupation, in targeting Palestinian content, especially the "Facebook" platform, which is completely subject to the will of the occupation, and is within its directives, where about 50 violations were monitored between the closure of Partial or complete of informational pages, while about 15 violations of other platforms, such as: (YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Tik Tok) were monitored.

The Syndicate of Journalists has called on human rights and international organizations through this report to intervene and help stop the occupation crimes against the Palestinian press situation targeted with brutality and bullets, in order to intimidate the reality of the crimes and racism of the occupation against our Palestinian people.

The report indicated the widespread targeting of journalists in the city of Jerusalem since the beginning of the year, with the continued targeting of Palestine TV by closure, and the prosecution of its employees, and even those who provide it with the service, since 11 of the year 2019, in a serious violation.

She stressed the need to move forward with the International Federation of Journalists in its procedures at the International Criminal Court and with the special rapporteurs of the United Nations Secretary-General for Human Rights, so that the Israeli perpetrators of crimes are punished, and their impunity is not continued.


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