Gaza health: the epidemiological curve is escalating

Youssef Al-Akkad, director of the European Gaza Hospital (Epidemiology Hospital), said today, Wednesday, that the epidemiological curve is escalating, and that safety and preventive measures must be taken to control the epidemiological situation.

In an interview with the local Voice of Al-Aqsa radio, Al-Akkad stated that there are 26 critical and 100 serious cases, all of which need support with various oxygen devices.

He pointed out that the ministry had developed a plan to confront the epidemic, saying, "They are able to deal with the epidemic situation and all hospitals in the sector are ready to deal with the pandemic, and up to the moment they are able to absorb the infected cases and matters are still under control."

He explained that what distinguishes this wave from the first is the speed of spread and not the symptoms, indicating that the most dangerous symptom to human health is the deficiency in the functioning of the respiratory system.

The medical official called on citizens to adhere to safety and prevention measures to preserve their lives, and to follow health and interior guidelines to keep the wheel of life running normally, pointing out that the citizen's lack of commitment may prompt the competent authorities to take measures that may affect the atmosphere of Ramadan.


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