Mashasha: UNRWA´s financial crisis will last for years

 Many major countries are supporting UNRWA's financial stability by providing support to prevent new crises affecting their services, but that has not resolved the financial crisis, Said Sami Mashasha, spokesman for the Unrwa Relief and Employment Agency (UNRWA), on Monday.

The international conference, which will be held with preparations by the State of Sweden this year to secure UNRWA funding, will not end the financial crisis that the agency will continue to suffer in the coming years, Mashasha said.

The conference aimed to translate the agency's political support into financial support and to work on fundamental reforms within the institution without compromising the services provided to Palestinian refugees.

Mashasha said UNRWA wants to get out of the crisis by relying on unsteady annual donations and looking for other solutions.

Asked about the return of U.S. support, an UNRWA spokesman said, "The return of U.S. donations as before will be part of the financial crisis, but not fully ending it."


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