Al-Maliki: The occupation is practicing "political blackmail" by distributing Corona vaccines

Today, Thursday, Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki accused the Israeli occupation state of practicing "political blackmail" through its intention to distribute quantities of Corona virus vaccines to countries in an attempt to ensure their political support.

Commenting on the Israeli move, Al-Maliki said, "This is an immoral measure that exploits the humanitarian needs of some countries for the sake of political blackmail."

He added, "Israel is exploiting the surplus vaccines it has in order to obtain political return, which is immoral and we do not consider it strange to the occupation government."

Al-Maliki confirmed that the Palestinian Authority would launch a campaign "against the attempt by the Israeli occupation of humanitarian needs through direct communication with the target countries to clarify the risks of the matter."

The Hebrew Channel (11) published yesterday that the Israeli government intends to distribute symbolic quantities of Corona vaccines to 19 countries in an attempt to ensure their political support.

According to the channel, the countries that Israel may supply with an amount ranging from one thousand to five thousand vaccines from the Israeli stockpile, which it obtained from the American company (Moderna), include Cyprus, Mauritania, Hungary, Honduras, Guatemala, the Czech Republic, the Maldives, San Marino, Ethiopia, Chad, Kenya, Uganda, Guinea and others.

The channel stated that Israel will not receive a price for the vaccines, but will demand political support from these countries or use it to push some of them to resume diplomatic relations with them or transfer their official representations to Israel to Jerusalem.

Commenting on the report, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: "Israel got the return that it is looking forward to even before these vaccines are distributed."

"What we give to the other parties does not come at the expense of the citizens of Israel," Netanyahu added, according to what Israeli media reported. "These are symbolic numbers that we provide to the various parties."


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