Al-Khudari: Production at Gaza factories fell to unprecedented rates

Mp Jamal al-Khodri, chairman of the Popular Committee to Face the Siege, said the unemployment rate in the Gaza Strip has reached nearly 60% as the Israeli blockade continues for the 14th consecutive year.

More than 300,000 workers are out of work, al-Khodri said in a press release on Friday.

He pointed out that production in Gaza's factories has been reduced to unprecedented levels (about 30% of production capacity) due to export restrictions, the deteriorating economic situation, as well as the repercussions of the Corona pandemic.

He pointed out that the blockade caused the closure of hundreds of commercial, industrial and contracting economic establishments, and in the hotel sector, in addition to weak purchasing power in the markets.

Al-Khodri stressed that the lifting of the blockade completely is the gateway to any real improvement in the living conditions in Gaza, through the opening of the crossings for import and export without restrictions, and the lifting of all lists of prohibitions placed by the occupation on the crossings, by preventing many raw materials for industry, which hinders the movement of production.

He reiterated that the need for gaza's health, economic and educational relief, and in all aspects of life, because suffering affects all human sectors.

"The reports of international institutions have warned of increased poverty and unemployment, if the current situation is not addressed, and quick rescue solutions are put in place," al-Khodri said.

He called for the allocation of an international support fund to meet humanitarian needs requiring urgent intervention, calling on the Secretary-General of the United Nations to take practical steps in that direction, in order to avoid catastrophic consequences.

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