Preventing citizens from conducting Friday prayers on their lands threatened with confiscation in Haris

 The Israeli occupation forces prevented citizens from holding an event to perform Friday prayers on lands threatened with confiscation in the village of Haris, northwest of Salfit.

It is noteworthy that this event will be held for the eighth week in a row, at the invitation of the PLO factions, Salfit governorate institutions, the Wall and Settlement Resistance Authority, with the participation of landowners, a number of peace activists, and a crowd of citizens.

The Israeli occupation forces erected heavy barriers and stressed their military measures at the entrance and the vicinity of Haris village, while the Israeli police deployed, which started to liberate violations of the citizens.

Revolutionary Council member Jamal Al-Deek said that this event came to confirm the citizens' adherence to their lands threatened with expropriation and which are subject to repeated attacks by settlers of the "Raffafa" settlement.

He stressed the will and determination of the Palestinian people to move towards liberation, uprooting occupation and settlement.

For his part, the secretary of the Fatah movement, Salfit Abd al-Sattar Awad province, said that anti-settlement activities are continuing, despite the occupation’s preventing citizens from accessing their lands.

He added: "The occupation army and herds of settlers will not be able to shake our spirits as a result of the attacks and closures that are being practiced against our people."

He stressed the need for farmers to be present on their lands to protect them from occupation and settlers.


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