Gaza: a protest stand against annexation and the delivery of a message to the United Nations

Political parties in the Gaza Strip organized, today, Monday, a protest in front of the United Nations headquarters, in protest against the Israeli "annexation" plan for lands in the West Bank.

A number of faction leaders and representatives from the Refugee Affairs Department and the People's Refugee Committees participated in the stand in front of the UN headquarters, west of Gaza City.

A leader in democracy, Mahmoud Khalaf, speaking on behalf of the factions, told that a message was delivered to the representative of the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to warn of the dangers of the annexation plan that the far-right occupation government is implementing.

Khalaf pointed out that this plan means eliminating the Palestinian presence, perpetuating the existence of the occupation and trying to legitimize it.

The Palestinian leader stressed the need for the United Nations to compel the occupation to respect the decisions of international legitimacy on Palestine, and to work by the United Nations to protect it and work to implement it and put an end to the occupation, which manages the back of all these decisions, and practicing insult and Judaization of Palestinian land.


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