"Powers" calls for an escalation of the popular resistance in response to the crimes of the occupation

The national and Islamic forces called on the masses of the Palestinian people to escalate the popular resistance in response to the crimes of the occupation, including the crime of colonial settlement and ethnic cleansing.

In a press statement issued after its meeting in Ramallah today, Saturday, the powers affirmed the impossibility of accepting or dealing with any ideas or proposals from any party to legitimize the occupation, and that the only acceptable Palestinian solution is to implement international legitimacy decisions to end the occupation in all its forms from our land And enabling the Palestinian people to exercise their right to self-determination, national independence in a fully sovereign state, with Jerusalem as its capital, and securing the right of return for refugees in accordance with UN Resolution 194.

And I warned against the occupation’s implementation of its aggressive plans in the village of Al-Mughair, east of Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate, which is one of the important areas because of its proximity to the Jordan Valley, through settlement construction, and the crackdown on farmers.

The forces also called for a broad campaign to save the lives of the prisoners from the policy of deliberate medical neglect, after the announcement of the captive Mohamed Salah El-Din being diagnosed with cancer, especially with the escalation of the spread of Corona virus and the infection of a number of prisoners with the virus.

She called for wide participation in the marches and events organized in opposition to the occupational annexation plan, including the march on Ahmed Shugairi Square next Tuesday at five in the evening.


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