15 civilians were injured by rubber bullets in the Kafr Qaddum march

 15 participants were injured in the Kafr Qaddum weekly march, in addition to injuries due to collective suffocation during violent confrontations in the village of Kafr Qaddum after the start of the weekly march and its entry into the tenth year of weekly confrontations and events.

The occupation soldiers used methods of repression against the participants, including live bullets, rubber, metal, and spongy, and tear gas canisters, and ambushes to arrest the participants, targeting water tanks, and seizing rooftops to snip the participants from them.

And due to the suspension of Friday prayers, the gathering took place in the square of the Omar Bin Al-Khattab Mosque at twelve o'clock and was launched, and leadership cadres participated in the march.

Murad Shtaiwi, coordinator of the weekly march, told Al-Quds: “The occupation army took revenge on the participants, which led to injuries in their ranks, at the beginning of the tenth year of the life of the weekly march calling for opening the main entrance, and the march became a title for the popular resistance, despite the bill that was paid. Detained, injured, and disabled, an elderly martyr, and financial fines.


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