Including two women .. Occupation arrests 20 citizens

On Wednesday, israeli occupation forces arrested 20 citizens from nablus and Jerusalem.
According to our correspondent in Nablus, the israeli forces stormed different areas in Nablus and arrested four citizens: Mansour Bashar Mansour from his home on Water Street, Yazan Al-Zaga from Jabal al-Tur, and Harbi Dawood from Al-Maamoun Street.
The forces also arrested Sayil Tahsin Hussein Ramadan, 42, from his home in the town of Tel, southwest of the city, and is a military training officer.
The official news agency also reported that the israeli occupation forces stormed the neighborhoods of Al-Tur, Silwan and Beit Hanina in Jerusalem, and arrested Ahmed Abu al-Ruba, Akram Salaima, Mohammed Khalil Amira, Jawad Jouda, Ahmed Mahaniya, Alaa Abu al-Hawa, Walid al-Sayed, Ihab Abu Sabtan, Raed Al-Shahab and Mohammed Obeid.
In Tulkarem, israeli occupation forces arrested the freed prisoner Suleiman Hosni Salim Khreisha, 37, from the eastern suburb of Da'anba, and Abdul Karim Ziad al-Hamshari, 31, from Izbat al-Jarad, east of the city, after raiding their homes.
In Ramallah, the forces arrested Hanin Nassar, wife of the prisoner Rami Fadael, a student at Birzeit University, Elijah Abu Hajla, after raiding their homes in the Al-Tira neighborhood in the west of the city, 19-year-old Mehdi Nasser Samada from Jalazone camp, and Amjad Ahad Saman from Birzeit town.

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