Occupation arrests 29 citizens

The Israeli occupation forces launched a campaign of arrests of 29 citizens, including students from Birzeit University and former prisoners.
According to local sources, the arrests involved five citizens from the Jenin area: Iyad Mohammed Sadaka from the village of Anza, arrested from a military checkpoint in Nablus district, former prisoner Imad al-Abadi, his son Omar, the boy Yazid Abdul Rahim Abu Abed, shaalan Kiwan Abu Bakr, and four from ya'abd.
According to our correspondent, the arrests included six former prisoners from Qalqilya: the young Mohammed Talal Shreim, the son of the editor deported to Turkey, Sheikh Talal al-Baz. Abdul Rahman Mazen Khadraj and his twin brother Abdul Haq Mazen Khadraj. Zaki Abdel Fattah Dawood, 55, a member of the governing body of The Islamic Club of Qalqilya, and the club's sports supervisor, was released by the occupation about seven months before the administrative detention, Jamal Osman Dawood, 60, who spent five years in detention during the occupation, as well as former prisoner Hosni Sharif al-Nis, 40.
Six palestinians from the Ramallah area, three of whom were students at Birzeit University, were also arrested. They are: Ezz Shabana from Sanjal, Mehdi Karaja from Safa, Bassel Barghouti from Beit Rima, as well as Haj Adel Barghouti, father of the prisoner Mustafa Barghouti from Beit Rima, Malik Hamed from The Town of Silwad, and Shadi Anjas from Khartha Bani Harith.
According to local sources in Bethlehem, the occupation of former prisoner Ibrahim Souman, 30, was arrested after a raid on his family's home on Al-Fuwagara Street. Mohammed Talib Musa, 35, from the village of Shawwara in the east, was arrested.
The occupation also arrested 10 citizens from the Hebron area, former prisoner Uday Iyad Zaaiq, 21, high school student Majd Zuhair Khalil Mokbel ,17, Qusay Samar Abu Maria (17), Ibrahim al-Jabai Abu Maria, brothers Mohammed Ibrahim Abu Maria (24) and Rukan Abu Maria (16).
The arrests also included Muayyad al-Wahwah from Dura, south of Hebron, and brothers Haitham and Osama Abdullah Assaa from Beit Kahal, west of Hebron, and Mohammed Faisal from Beit Awa.

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