Monitoring 700 cases of attacks by the occupation and settlers

- The Wall and Settlement Resistance Commission monitored 700 cases of attacks by the occupation forces and settlers during the period of last January.

In its monthly report, the authority stated that these violations ranged from direct assault on citizens, vandalism and leveling of lands, uprooting trees and seizing property, closures, barriers, and physical injuries.

It stated that these attacks concentrated in Nablus Governorate with 131 attacks, followed by Jenin Governorate with 128 attacks, then Bethlehem Governorate with 105 attacks.

The head of the commission, Moayad Shaaban, said that the recent occupation government showed its true, ugly face by desecrating Palestinian blood, land and property in its first month, pointing to the rise of 35 martyrs in one month.

He added: The number of attacks carried out by settlers amounted to 150, during which they attempted to establish 6 new settlement outposts in separate areas, concentrated in Nablus Governorate, with 72 attacks.

Shaaban added, “In January, the Israeli occupation authorities issued 55 demolition notices and stopping construction of Palestinian facilities, ranging from demolition notices to stopping construction under the pretext of non-licensing, most of which were concentrated in the governorates of Hebron and Bethlehem, and Salfit

He pointed out that the occupation forces and settlers razed more than 541 dunums of citizens' lands in the Salfit and Nablus governorates, with the aim of controlling them and transferring them to the settlers.

He pointed out that the demolitions carried out by the Israeli occupation forces during the month of January amounted to 81 demolitions of 94 homes, commercial establishments, and sources of livelihood, and these operations were concentrated in the governorates of Jerusalem, Jericho, and Hebron.

The report monitored that a total of 758 trees were damaged and uprooted at the hands of the settlers, most of which were olive trees. These operations were concentrated in the Ramallah governorates, with the uprooting of 285 trees, 200 trees in the Nablus governorate, and 100 trees in the Hebron governorate.

Shaaban noted that the occupation authorities had deposited and approved 3 new colonial plans in order to add settlement units and change land uses within the "Emmanuel" settlements built on the lands of Salfit, and "Gilo" on the lands of Bethlehem.

He said: The occupation cabinet issued 27 decisions targeting citizens with the aim of harassing them and imposing new facts, and that these decisions were remarkable in terms of their compatibility with the far-right, fascist character of the new government, as the occupation government launched, among its recorded decisions, a clear attack on the Palestinians, targeting the land and people from By tightening a military grip that amounts to a war crime.

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