Captive Club: Over the course of two days, the occupation arrested about (60) cases of arrest and summons

 The Prisoner's Club said, on Sunday, that the total number of arrests and summonses carried out by the occupation forces, from last Friday night until this morning, amounted to about (60) arrests and summonses, including (15) cases. Arrest recorded last night, and this morning.

The Captive Club pointed out that most of the arrests were from Jerusalem and its towns, explaining that some of the detainees were released on conditions, while others were extended, and among them were members of the family of the martyr Khairy Alqam, and of the The family of the wounded Mahmoud Aliwat, and among them was the mother of the martyr. Alqam, and the mother of the wounded Aliwat.

He confirmed that abuse and assaults took place against the detainees during the arrest and investigation.

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