The Prisoners Association: The occupation has arrested 16 thousand Palestinians since the Nakba

The Prisoners Affairs Authority confirmed that the occupation has deliberately targeted and arrested Palestinian women since the beginning of the Palestinian revolution, as the occupation has imprisoned more than 16,000 Palestinians since 1948.

In a report issued on the occasion of March 8, the day on which the whole world celebrates women and is appreciated and celebrated for their achievements on several levels, he explained that the Palestinian captive women face the most severe degrees of torment and pain inside the occupation prisons, in which 35 prisoners are currently held, among them 11 mothers.

The report stated that the occupation forces are practicing inhuman and degrading measures against Palestinian women, whether from medical negligence or physical and psychological torture, as they are subjected from time to time to brutal attacks, whether by verbal abuse or indecent assault, physical assault and continuous threats, and denial of family visits, judgments and fines. High as well as the denial of education.

The commission indicated that the female prisoners are still suffering from harsh life conditions inside the "Damun" detention camp. Surveillance cameras are still inside the al-Furah square, and thus they limit the movement of prisoners and violate their privacy, and the facilities are damaged inside the department, and in many cases expired foods are provided to them The administration of the detention facility prevents them from making phone calls with their families in light of the recent interruption of visits, in addition to their suffering from transportation in the so-called "bosta cart", which is tantamount to torture for them.

She stated that the newly detained female prisoners suffer from difficult conditions in an isolated section called "Al-Hasharon" detention center, which lacks the basic necessities of life, where the prisoners are held for days or weeks before they are transferred to the "Damon" detention center.

The authority pointed out that the female prisoners are like other prisoners, since the beginning of the spread of the Covid 19 epidemic and the escalation of injuries among the prisoners, and the management of the occupation detention centers do not care about them, but on the contrary it deliberately placed them in sections that lack the lowest health conditions, and deprived them of means of prevention and public safety such as disinfectants and materials Cleaning and sterilizers.

In the conclusion of its report, the Prisoners Authority called on human rights institutions and women's rights defenders to take action and end the suffering of Palestinian women languishing in occupation prisons, and to stop the Israeli violence and oppression that is practiced against them, and to make efforts to work for their release.


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