"Land Research": Colonial expansion plans approved on 523 dunums last month

The Land Research Center of the Association for Arab Studies (AIA) monitored the approval of expansionary colonial plans by the Israeli occupation authorities on 523 dunums of land seized in the West Bank.

The Centre monitored nine detailed settlement schemes, published by the Settlement Subcommittee on the Website of the Ministry of Finance, which were distributed between plans at the filing stage (objection) and one in effect (final approval and licensing).

The number of schemes at the filing stage was 6, while the number of approved and licensed schemes was 3.

The most prominent of the plans deposited was The Plan No. (19/3/1/426) for the expansion of the settlement of "Beitar Aliit", which is located on the territory of nahalin and Housan, west of Bethlehem governorate.

The plan (303 dunums) aims to change the character of land use, from agricultural land to land for the construction of settlement units and the construction of roads and gardens to expand the southern neighbourhood of the colony.

This plan is located on parts of basins No. 3 and 4 of the land of nahalin town, in the positions of the large back of the concrete and the large ruin, and will also come on part of The No. 3 of the land of The Town of Husan in the site of Wadi Abu Hamra.

After analysing this plan, it is clear that the occupation authorities are continuing to expand and fatten the settlement of the settlement settlement and create communication between its neighborhoods by linking the eastern neighborhood to its western neighbourhood, as shown by the extent of the march towards the neighborhoods of Nahalin, where the distance between this settlement and the neighborhoods of the town is estimated at about 200 meters.

It is also clear that the occupation authorities are pursuing a settlement policy, despite all international demands to stop it, as settlement plans have been prepared to expand the colonies over an area of 1,211 dunums since the beginning of 2021.

The occupation authorities also published expansionist settlement plans for each of the colonies: Ma'ale Adumim at the expense of the territory of Ezeriya, "Shafi Shamron" on the land of the village of Naqura in Nablus governorate, the settlement of "Itamar" at the expense of the land of the town of Orata, and "Karni" Shamron, at the expense of the land of Deir Estia in Salfit governorate, the settlement of "Rabbaba" at the expense of the land of the town of Bitunia, "Givat Ze'ev" at the expense of the town of Al-Jib in Jerusalem governorate, and "Ariel" at the expense of the land of Marda near Salfit.


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