Friedman: Agreements to normalize relations with (Israel) are at risk

The US ambassador to "Israel" outgoing, David Friedman, revealed that the agreements to normalize relations between Arab countries and "Israel" are under threat, claiming that any decision by the new US President Joe Biden to cancel sanctions and rapprochement with Iran will be the reason for this.

He said in an interview with "Israel Today" newspaper, today, Saturday: "The agreements signed with the UAE, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco are very important for regional stability," expressing his belief that these "agreements have the power to change the Middle East within the next hundred years."

He pointed out that the time is still early, given that the agreements are new and their importance should not be underestimated, noting that it is clear that the greatest danger facing these agreements is the empowerment of Iran, and I believe that this will remove the United States as a reliable player in this region, and this is very dangerous.

He explained that if America were to re-empower Iran, Washington would not be in a position to move forward with these agreements because it would lose its credibility, expecting that "this will result in friction between all parties and will push the momentum back."

He stated that if the Biden administration were to give Tehran a way to acquire a nuclear weapon, it would threaten America's credibility in this region, saying: "I think we are not in a worse situation, for reasons that I cannot discuss some of them, we will be in a much better condition if we keep the sanctions against Iran," I am not suggesting that we not try to make a deal with Iran, but if we do make a deal, then let us make sure that there is no chance for Tehran to acquire nuclear weapons. "

It is noteworthy that the administration of former US President Donald Trump withdrew from the nuclear agreement signed by his predecessor Barack Obama (Biden was his deputy) in 2018 and imposed a sanctions regime of "maximum pressure", and "Israel" is concerned about Biden's intention to return to the original agreement with Iran.


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