The occupation demolishes 24 Palestinian buildings in January

 A United Nations report said today, Saturday, that Israel demolished 24 Palestinian-owned buildings in the West Bank within two weeks of this January under the pretext of not being licensed.

A report issued by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in the Palestinian Territories stated that the demolitions and confiscations took place from 5 to 18 of this month in various parts of Area C in the West Bank.

The report indicated that this resulted in the displacement of 34 people and damage to about 70 others, while ten of the targeted buildings, including homes, livestock pens and mobile toilets, were located in a Bedouin community in the vicinity of Jerusalem.

The report pointed to the issuance of an Israeli "removal order" for a school recently constructed in the (Umm Qasah) area in Hebron under the Military Order 1797, which allows for its demolition within 96 hours, while no demolitions were recorded in East Jerusalem.

The report monitored the occupation authorities uprooting about 1370 trees owned by Palestinians under the pretext of declaring the lands in which they were planted as "state lands," and confiscated 237 heads of sheep under the pretext that they were grazing in an area declared a nature reserve.

He stated that in the year 2020, the occupation authorities uprooted 4,164 trees belonging to the Palestinians, which constitutes an increase of nearly 60 percent compared to the year 2019.


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