The Arab League condemns the issuance of bids by Israel to build 2572 new settlement units

The Arab League condemned today, Thursday, the issuance of Israeli bids to build 2572 new settlement units in the occupied Palestinian territories, and called on the UN Security Council to put a definitive end to "settlement cancer."

Assistant Secretary General of the University Saeed Abu Ali said in a press statement, "The Israeli occupation authorities continue to persistently underestimate the law and the decisions of international legitimacy and challenge the will of the international community to expand and accelerate the implementation of its settlement projects and plans in recent weeks, which have crossed all red lines."

He added that Israel announced yesterday the construction of 2,572 new units, despite "the widespread international rejection of the intense Israeli colonial settlement in the Palestinian territories at this time."

Abu Ali considered that the settlements "are a blatant aggression against the rights of the Palestinian people ... and a very serious and serious threat to the two-state solution and the chances of achieving peace."

He believed, "These violations require the crystallization of a decisive international position that deters the occupation, puts an immediate end to the halting of settlement projects, confirms the removal of colonial settlements, and puts Security Council Resolution 2334 and all its related decisions into effect."

The UN Security Council called for a decisive end to the settlement cancer, and ensuring international accountability for the Israeli occupation authorities, with a practical path leading to an end to the occupation and enabling the Palestinian people to exercise their right to self-determination in their independent state on the borders of June 4, 1967, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Yesterday, the Israeli authorities announced the issuance of tenders to build 2572 new housing units in the West Bank and east of Jerusalem, according to Israeli public radio.


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