Capacity: 85% of the rate of recovery from Corona in Gaza

Ashraf al-Qidra, spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Gaza, said today, Saturday, that the recovery rate among Corona patients has reached 85%, deaths 1%, and active injuries 13%, which means entering the stage of flattening the incidence curve, but without Total control.

And Al Qidra indicated in radio statements, that this period is very sensitive due to the onset of winter and the coming depressions in which viruses are active.

He pointed out that since the beginning of this month, the Gaza Strip has witnessed a decrease in the number of infections with Corona virus, especially those that need intensive clinical care, and that critical cases have decreased to about 93, and this is a good indication of the success of preventive measures, including the closure of Friday and Saturday.

He added, "The opening of mosques and schools calls for everyone to adhere more to preventive measures, and the decrease in the number of infections does not mean that we have gone out of the danger stage, and the epidemiological situation fluctuates and transformations may occur with this virus, and we return to the high number of infections in the event of inaction and non-compliance."

He added that the competent committees at the Ministry of Health follow the behavior of the virus globally, and the resulting new strains, and we monitor what is circulating around the world and studies the evolution of the virus, and we are fully prepared to deal with any development inside Gaza.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip indicated that there is close follow-up to the issue of the vaccine and follow-up with the World Health Organization and the Ministry in the West Bank, and a share of the vaccines will be available to Gaza when available in accordance with the protocol approved with all previous vaccinations, and the technical aspects and the infrastructure in the ministry is ready to receive vaccines for Coronavirus.

He stated that about 6000 liters of oxygen was produced and provided to Corona patients in epidemiological hospitals, and devices and equipment for producing oxygen have arrived from donors, and we have abundant quantities during this period and we have succeeded in withstanding the challenge of lack of oxygen.


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