Prisoner Club: The number of Corona injuries among prisoners is increasing rapidly

The prisoner club said that the number of Coronavirus infections among prisoners in the Israeli occupation prisons is increasing rapidly, as it has exceeded since the beginning of the epidemic, with the number of infections recorded today in several sections of my prison. Raymond and the Negev, to more than (245) injuries.

The Prisoners Club added, in a statement issued this evening, Thursday, that the administration of "Raymond" prison refused to complete taking samples today from the prisoners in Section 1, and informed the prisoners that they will complete them next Sunday, which constitutes a crime, as procrastination in taking samples In announcing its results, it contributes to the widening of the circle of contact between prisoners, and the increase in injuries within the department.

He pointed out that most of the prisoners who were recently injured were transferred to Section (8), which is the section designated by the Occupation Prisons Administration to transport injured prisoners, and there is initial information indicating that the Prisons Administration will allocate other sections to isolate injured prisoners with the increasing rise in injuries.

Meanwhile, the prisoner Basil Ajaj (45 years), from Tulkarm, is in intensive care at Soroka Hospital, due to his infection with the Corona virus, without accurate information about his health condition.

He continued, that the double isolation is the only measure that the prison administration takes against the injured prisoners, without providing the minimum health care measures required for the injured, in addition to the fact that the structure of prisons, including their extensive debilitating measures, has turned the epidemic and everything related to it into a tool of abuse, Especially the deliberate procrastination process in taking the necessary measures to prevent the virus from reaching prisoners, for which the prisoner is the first source.

It is noteworthy that the prison administration has a monopoly on the epidemic narrative, which imposes the necessity of pressure on the occupation due to the presence of an impartial international committee that supervises the health conditions of prisoners.


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