A boy from Gaza shot by the occupation forces defies disability with parkour sport

 Mahmoud Abu Awad - Muhammad Aliwa (18 years old), from the Gaza Strip, did not find a better way to challenge the circumstances of his amputation in his right foot than to continue his hobby of practicing sports, which he feels gives him a lot of strength And determination and positive energy even before he was shot by an Israeli sniper who deliberately targeted him on both feet during his participation in the return marches on the eastern borders of Gaza City.

Alywa, a resident of the Sajaiya neighborhood, overcame all the obstacles he had faced since his injury on the eleventh of September of 2018, with the help of his family and friends who did not leave him for a moment, until he managed to overcome his ordeal, until he returned to practice his life normally despite all that he could face Suffering on different levels.

The injury did not prevent the young Muhammad Aliwa from practicing football, which he used to professionally, but he later resorted to a more dangerous sport, in an attempt to challenge the circumstances left by the injury, until he started practicing a sport known as "parkour", so he sought to train in it with the help of some young men. Master it.

Aliwa told that he received great encouragement from his family and friends to live his life normally, and to continue practicing sports of all kinds, including "parkour", indicating that since he was a young age, he preferred sports over other hobbies, especially as it gives him a lot of hope for life. And help him overcome daily life obstacles.

With one foot, and with several quick and successive movements, through which Muhammad Aliwa shows his strength, he succeeded in becoming a good player who can compete with healthy young men in any competition.

Alywa points out that the sport of "parkour" is dangerous as it is described, but he feels very happy when he practices it, and hopes to continue with it, and that he will not be exposed to any accident that deprives him later of this game, which gives him a special feeling that he is able to defy all other difficulties and obstacles, and gives him strength And determination to go on with life.

He points out that he succeeded in overcoming the state of frustration he felt after the injury, until he started practicing this sport even if it was with only one foot, indicating that he did not see it as a dangerous sport as described, especially since he insisted on practicing it until he succeeded in it, as he said. .

He adds: "All occupation attempts to kill us or harm us have not and will not succeed. We are a people who always have the ability to overcome all adversities and obstacles, and we have the determination and strength to overcome what we face due to the occupation and others."

He expressed his hope that there would be a party that would embrace him to represent Palestine in this sport on the Arab and international levels, and even enter local competitions.


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